Fit2Perform is a physical therapy clinic located within Champlain Valley Community Fitness. Fit2Perform offers one-on-one care to both athletic and active populations. Fit2Perform is driven by treatment outside of the box and prioritizes your personal goals to formulate individualized treatment plans. Fit2Perform will help keep you active and guide you to fully return to your sport or activity.




Meet Our Doctors of Physical Therapy

Erin Adams PT, DPT, CMTPT

Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist

Certified BirthFit Provider

Erin received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2010. She began her career with traveling physical therapy across the United States working in a variety of clinical fields over a three year span. It was during this time where Erin found her talents and specialties working in athletic settings with performance athletes of all levels.  This makes Fit2Perform an ideal choice for all athletes.

Erin offers dynamic physical therapy sessions for our CrossFit and active/athletic community. You will find her approach to physical therapy individualized and targeted at the whole body, not just the body part that is injured. To say that Erin cares about her clients is an understatement. She develops relationships with her clients of which are life long to keep clients active and healthy during all stages of life and activities.

Erin fully experienced the impact and importance of Physical Therapy when she sustained a traumatic knee injury in 2017 while training for a team regionals event. This injury lead to two major reconstructive surgeries and multiple rounds of PRP injections. This experience opened up her eyes to not just the physical strain of injury but the mental aspect as well. She can meet you where you are at with your injury and help you get back to your best self in all aspects of the recovery.

Erin is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, practicing since 2016. Erin has found dry needling to have changed her approach to pain treatment drastically. Erin is also a Certified BirthFit Provider and proficient for helping pre and post natal women remain active and return to activity safely.


Clinical Athlete Provider

Personal Tagline: “ If you’re going to talk it, you better walk it.” 

K.C. earned her B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Vermont. 

As a former volleyball, lacrosse and track and field athlete and current Olympic Weightlifter and Crossfit athlete, K.C. understands how detrimental an injury can be for an athlete at any level. For the last seven years K.C. has pursued health and wellness in a variety of ways. There is something to be said about achieving a profound understanding of one’s own body and movements as a basis for educating others. That principle has shaped K.C.’s approach to clinical practice and how she builds her identity as a movement systems expert. 

With over 7 years of personal training and coaching experience, along with clinical experience working with elite level athletes, K.C. has worked with a diverse population of athletes and active individuals in the Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vermont area. KC has been fortunate enough to work with soccer, track, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, football, CrossFit, Powerlifting and weightlifting athletes from both a performance and rehabilitative perspective. K.C. has an intense passion for bridging the gap between strength and conditioning and rehabilitation K.C. enjoys helping individuals progress through their rehab journey and ultimately maximize their performance and prevent future injury. K.C.’s personal mission is to empower athletes to take control of their own physical, mental and social well-being and to achieve performance goals in the areas that matter most to each individual.

Meet Our Massage Therapist

Maria Rottinger 

Maria has an inspiring story of how she came to find massage as a way of helping to heal others:

“Fascinated by the complexities of the human body and with a desire to help others, Maria started her career as a critical care nurse in 2015. Five years later, and by way of chronic pain and stress management, she embarked on a journey of learning various holistic healing modalities. Discovering this new path would allow her to take better care of herself while continuing to care for others, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in the spring of 2021, and immediately enrolled in massage therapy school in Vermont.

Now a Licensed Massage Therapist, Maria’s mission is to create a client-centered partnership on your journey of holistic healing, and to provide a safe space to allow for reconnection to your body and yourself. Her goal is to leave you feeling empowered and whole, both during each session and in your daily life.

She currently offers Deep Tissue and Swedish/Relaxation massage, and will soon add hot stone massage to the menu.”