At Fit2Perform, you will work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full one-hour session. Fit2Perform believes in one-on-one care provided by a physical therapist to all clients. Treatment plans are all individualized and focused on short term and long term goals for client carryover in their treatment plan. Fit2Perform will get you better and give you the tools to keep you better.

Fit2Perform is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield insurance plans. Fit2Perform will work with other insurance plans based out-of- network benefits. Email Fit2Perform for billing/insurance questions.



If you’re not someone who is looking to follow a physical therapy plan of care or is really just looking for some TLC from training. Fit2Perform can help. Erin will work with you for a strictly body work session. These visits are approximately 30 minutes of hands on care to address muscle soreness via massage, cupping, Theragun, NormaTec pneumatic compression, IASTM, or other modalities. This is NOT something that will be billed to insurance.


Fit2Perform offers Trigger Point Dry Needling packages or single visit rates for those who want to have their painful muscle knots addressed on an as needed basis. Many people receive massages periodically and Fit2Perform would like to offer this service in a similar fashion.

A typical session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

1 Visit – $75

3 Visits – $205 ($20 savings)

5 Visits – $325 ($50 savings)


Unsure if PT is something you need? Email Fit2Perform to schedule a FREE 20 minute injury/mobility screen to assess your current concerns. Fit2Perform’s goal during these visits are to assist in determining if you have a true underlying musculoskeletal injury/deficit and if physical therapy will help you fix it.

Please email: [email protected] to schedule

Injury screens are held every Thursday afternoon and will run in 20 minute intervals starting at 3pm until 4pm.




Email us at [email protected] or Call (315) 491-3303 (your call will be returned within 24-48 hours)

IMG_0552Fit2Perform believes in the power of touch and they know how important it is for recovery and injury prevention. Although every PT session is individualized to meet the client’s need, it is safe to say that most all PT visits have a component of manual therapy incorporated into the session. Manual therapy includes any hands on technique; massage, stretching, joint mobilization, or IASTM.
Erin uses Hawk Grips tools to perform Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). While hands are a physical therapists greatest tool, some tissues, like fascia, is best manipulated with a tool that allow a therapist to feel the underlying tissue adhesions or restrictions. IASTM causes a remodeling effect, referred to as ‘controlled microtrauma’ in research, within the soft tissue structures. As a result, individuals experience increased range of motion and reduced pain from the improved tissue function and mobility.