Fit2Perform is a fitness driven and sports performance physical therapy clinic located within Champlain Valley Community Fitness. It was developed as a project to become more involved in helping the athletic population perform at an optimum level with emphasis on restoring health and function of the human body. Fit2Perform’s goal is to get you better, and if you’re not hurt, it will help you address your imbalances, help you move better, as well as aid your recovery.

Fit2Perform provides physical therapy services for the athletic and active population. F2P treatment approaches are not typical of a traditional physical therapy clinic. F2P develops comprehensive treatment plans for each person that is specific to their goals and needs. Treatments are always one-on- one. Therapeutic exercises often involve the whole body while targeting the specific area involved. Clients can expect to use a variety of equipment such as foam rollers, TRX suspension training, barbells, and kettlebells to build the foundational strength and range of motion. F2P also provides functional dry needling and instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation to decrease pain and improve mobility. The majority of physical therapy sessions will have a blend of manual therapy, education and exercise. F2P educates their clients on their injury, tissue restrictions and weaknesses to help their clients train in between therapy sessions, providing specific rehab exercises to help their clients train safely, getting them back to their sport as soon as possible. You will not find a more dedicated therapist or supportive treatment approach than what is delivered at Fit2Perform.


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“Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. [It] is a technique used to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia, and connective tissue, and to diminish persistent peripheral nociceptive input, and reduce or restore impairments in body structure and function, leading to improved activity and participation.” – from APTA

What is it?

Trigger point dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin monofilament needle to insert into underlying myofascial trigger points to decrease pain and movement deficits. A muscular twitch response is elicited and this has both diagnostic and therapeutic effects. When this occurs, the trigger point is releasing.

Does it hurt?

This is the most commonly asked client question that has a grey answer. Often, individuals do not feel the needle penetrating the skin. Some individuals report a discomfort when a twitch response occurs in the body tissues. This generally goes away quickly and often is referred to as an “ache” by clients.

What to expect after treatment:

This varies person-to- person. While some will not be sore following a treatment, it is also not uncommon to have a muscle soreness sensation for 1-2 days. In most cases, individuals tend to be sore for the remainder of the day following a dry needling session and then pain relief the following day. Again, this will vary, but this is what clients report at Fit2Perform.

Fit2Perform Dry Needling

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Fit2Perform believes in the power of touch and they know how important it is for recovery and injury prevention. Although every PT session is individualized to meet the client’s need, it is safe to say that most all PT visits have a component of manual therapy incorporated into the session. Manual therapy includes any hands on technique; massage, stretching, joint mobilization, or IASTM.
Fit2Perform uses Hawk Grips and Rock Blade tools to perform Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). While hands are a physical therapists greatest tool, some tissues, like fascia, is best manipulated with a tool that allow a therapist to feel the underlying tissue adhesions or restrictions. IASTM causes a remodeling effect, referred to as ‘controlled microtrauma’ in research, within the soft tissue structures. As a result, individuals experience increased range of motion and reduced pain from the improved tissue function and mobility.


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Hours of Operation:

Monday: 7am – 8pm 

Tuesday: 7am – 8pm

Wednesday: 7am – 8pm

Thursday: 7am – 8pm

Friday: 7am – 8pm

Saturday/Sunday: 9am – 12pm *Offered offsite*

Free Injury/Mobility Screens –

Tuesday/Thursday: 7am – 12pm

  • Injury/Mobility are a 20 minutes screen offered within Fit2Perform physical therapy clinic or via tele service. Please email [email protected] if you would like to schedule a pre-screening to assess an injury or whether physical therapy could benefit you.

Fit2Perform Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (315) 491-3303 (phone calls will be returned in 24-48 hours)


1191 S. Brownell Rd

Suite #10

Williston, VT 05495

  • Located upstairs within Champlain Valley CrossFit

General Information:

Fit2Perform is in-network BlueCross BlueShield insurance plans. Fit2Perform is happy to see individuals with other insurance plans per their out-of-network benefits or work individuals on a sliding scale who do not have health insurance.



Phone calls will be returned in 24-48 hours

What Clients say about Fit2Perform


“As a Crossfit athlete that train 5-6 times per week on top of a full time physical job my body is constantly beat up. I ‘ve seen Erin for injury as well as mobility issues. With her guidance, in exercise and treatment, I have been able to fix my imbalances and perform at a level that I never thought was possible.”


“I started physical therapy about one year ago after injuring my shoulder about 6 months prior, I visited doctors and surgery was suggested. I didn’t feel comfortable going under the knife so I decided I would try some aggressive physical therapy with the goal to be pain free when sleeping and running. During my first session, Erin asked what my goals might be in relation to my shoulder injury and rehab. I come from an athletic background and told her that I would like to increase my mobility and strength, so that I would be able to add complex movements, such as weight lifting and gymnastics back into my training. I wanted to train hard and compete pain free. She had me put together a list of movements that caused pain; the list was long and it even included things such as running.

Erin was able to combine her knowledge of physical therapy and passion for sports, including Crossfit into a very helpful series of sessions for me. She was able to identify areas of muscle weakness, stiffness and all my imbalances that contributed to my shoulder injury. Slowly we crossed off items on my list that caused shoulder pain.

I learned some efficient exercises for my shoulder, new shoulder mobility exercises and learned about my different imbalances, as well as how to fix them. As I progressed the exercises got more technical and challenging. I also learned how to manage my injury moving forward for the good and the bad days. I am training aggressively again pain free. Thank you Erin!”


” I began seeing Erin a few months ago as the result of a back injury. I have always found Erin to be incredibly knowledgable, thorough, and attentive. Each session I have with her is intentional, personal and challenging. She provides a wide variety of dynamic exercises and treatment options that are specific to me as a patient and crossfitter. She has taken the time to get to know me and my health and fitness goals, not just my injury. These qualities certainly set her apart! Every visit I have had with Erin has led to improvements with my injury as well as helped get me back on track to better health. Along with treating my back injury she has implemented proactive exercises and mobility work to improve my overall movement quality. I know I am on a path to better lifelong health because of the time and effort Erin and Sarah have put in with me at Fit2Perform. Thank you ladies for all you do! You truly go above and beyond!”


“As an individual who has a broad history of injuries, weaknesses and musculature imbalances I have found some amazing changes after working with Erin and Fit2Perform.  I have had issues with shoulders, low back and knees for years.  Between PT and Dry Needling I’ve found myself more healthy, limber and able to perform.  My flexibility has increased in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.  I am someone who has never used to be able to touch their toes, sit comfortably etc.  I now have major improvements in hip, knee and thoracic range of motion.  I feel healthier, more prepared for physical activities and experience less daily pain.  Erin has a keen eye and feel for her patients and genuinely cares about people becoming healthier.  This shows in both her treatment and follow up questions from week to week.”


I’ve struggled with a torn subscapularis for a good portion of the last four years, limiting my abilities in my fitness activities as well as other areas of my life, including sleep. I worked with a local PT for multiple months, unfortunately with no improvement in using my shoulder to it’s fullest. I did not feel I was being treated thoroughly as an athlete. After some time I was informed of F2P by a local gym owner. After my initial evaluation with KC, her knowledge of the human anatomy and it’s capacity as a whole and especially as an athlete, lead me to trust that I was in good hands. She outlined a clear and sustainable path to healing my shoulder by strengthening muscles around it and building flexibility in my upper body. I have been working with KC for 4-5 months now and I have made great improvement in the realms of engaging/strengthening weaker muscles, flexibility, and most importantly, lessening shoulder pain! Working with F2P (Erin and KC) has been a great pleasure. Their knowledge base, clear communication, fun and professional atmosphere creates an environment where people (especially athletes) can heal properly.”


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Phone calls will be returned in 24-48 hours

We specialize in performance physical therapy

At Fit2Perform, Erin and KC practice what they preach. F2P treating therapists lead an active lifestyle themselves and strive to keep clients enjoying theirs. Fit2Perform’s ultimate goal is turn all clients into performance powerhouses. Not only to correct the current issue, but address the whole body and WHY that injury/issue occurred in the first place. This is especially important with athletes and active individuals because you might be coming in for a physical therapy evaluation due to knee pain when in fact muscular imbalances and restrictions in your hip become the primary focus to prevent that same knee pain from coming back!  

Remember. Working out shouldn’t hurt. You shouldn’t be restricted during your sport. Don’t wait. Schedule with Fit2Perform’s highly trained physical therapist, Erin Adams, PT, DPT CMTPT and KC Bruch PT, DPT, who will decrease your pain and improve your function in your sport of choice.

Treatment Interventions

The most commonly used therapeutic interventions at Fit2Perform include:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Modalities (NMES, IASTM, Cupping, Kinesiology Taping)
  • Neuromuscular Re-Education

In addition to all of the physical aspects of treatment sessions, there is a strong emphasis for patient education during all visits. Fit2Perform strives to teach all clients about their bodies in order optimize activity performance and decrease risk for imbalances.

Featured Services

Physical Therapy

At Fit2Perform, you will work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full one-hour session. Fit2Perform believes in one-on-one care provided by a physical therapist to all clients. Treatment plans are all individualized and focused on short term and long term goals for client carryover in their treatment plan. Fit2Perform will get you better and give you the tools to keep you better.

Fit2Perform is in-network with BlueCross BlueShield insurance plans. Fit2Perform will work with other insurance plans based out-of-network benefits. Email Fit2Perform for billing/insurance questions.


If you’re not someone who is looking to follow a physical therapy plan of care or is really just looking for some TLC from training. Fit2Perform can help with a strictly bodywork session. These visits are approximately 30 minutes of hands on care to address muscle soreness via massage, IASTM, or other modalities.

A BodyWork visit costs $50. This is not billed to insurance.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Fit2Perform offers Trigger Point Dry Needling packages or single visit rates for those who want to have their painful muscle knots addressed on an as needed basis. Many people receive massages periodically and Fit2Perform would like to offer this service in a similar fashion.

A typical session lasts approximately 30 minutes.

1 Visit – $75
3 Visits – $205 ($20 savings)
5 Visits – $325 ($50 savings)

Injury Screens

Unsure if PT is something you need? Email Fit2Perform to schedule a FREE 20 minute injury/mobility screen to assess your current concerns. Fit2Perform’s goal during these visits are to assist in determining if you have a true underlying musculoskeletal injury/deficit and if physical therapy will help you fix it.

Please email: [email protected] to schedule

Injury screens are held every Tuesday/Thursday afternoon for 20 minute intervals from 7am-12pm.

Want to schedule an appointment?

Email us at [email protected] or Call (802) 453-3548 (your call will be returned within 24-48 hours)